Bowlzilla 2017 poster design

Bowlzilla 2017


Poster Design

Bowlzilla started in Getxo, Spain, in September 2015 and has since built the first proper concrete bowl in Chile, run the first international professional competition in Chile and established the first national bowl skating competition in Wellington, New Zealand. Now for the second year running, Bowlzilla Gold Coast continues to add to the Australian scene, ensuring skaters retain their voice with ‘by skaters for skaters’ events.

Bowlzilla required a poster design for their 2017 Gold Coast competition that incorporated the Godzilla character and referenced the iconic Elanora bowl with full pipe, where the competition will be held. The design takes inspiration from the heritage listed Pink Poodle neon sign which remains a quintessential symbol of the Gold Coast’s colourful culture and history. The poster needed to be adaptable to multiple layouts including landscape posters, Instagram images, web banners and t-shirts.

Bowlzilla 2017 poster design
Bowlzilla 2017 portrait poster design
Bowlzilla 2017 landscape poster design
Bowlzilla T-Shirt